Higher Purpose Events mission is to utilize our resource and event skills to put on large events that will raise money to support programs and other non profits benefiting Men Women, and Children and renew hope for a better tomorrow

    Non Profit 501C3 Exempt # 45-5635520 


As an organization dates back to 1995, when we began a lifelong commitment to giving back to the community through non-profits organizations. We are based in Citrus Heights, CA a suburb of the greater Sacramento area.  Throughout the stages of our development we have been involved with several notable groups such as; Big Brothers Big Sisters, Toys for Tots, WEAVE, Sayonara Community Center, Cross Road Treatment Center, Mustard Seed, Paradise Oaks Youth Services,Nor Cal Clean and Sober Living, Martins Achievement, Power House Ministries, The Effort, Saint John’s program for real change, Cottage Housing, and New Hope Street Ministries. Over the years we have done many events and fundraisers to support these organizations both financially and helping to meet their clients needs.